Historic Folsom Station has a total of eight retail spaces, along with a two-story stand-alone restaurant.  Three of these spaces, located in the Granite House, range in size from 1,563 sf to 3,290 sf.  Four spaces, located in Sutter Row, range in size from 2,162 sf to 5,403 sf.  The remaining space, located in the Leidesdorff Building, is 6,045 sf, but can be divided into two spaces that range in size from 2,857 sf to 3,188 sf.  The Roundhouse Restaurant has 6,202 sf on the first floor, 2,268 sf on the second floor and outside dining on both floors.  Please indicate your preferences below.

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Granite House Roundhouse Restaurant
900 Sutter St. (3,290 sf) 824 Sutter St. (8,470 sf)  
916 Sutter St. (1,563 sf)    
918 Sutter St. (1,817 sf)    
Sutter Row Leidesdorff Building (825 Leidesdorff St.)  
800 Sutter St. (5,403 sf) Plaza 101 (entire space-6,045 sf)  
806 Sutter St. (2,461 sf) Plaza 101 (split-2,857 sf)  
812 Sutter St. (2,162 sf) Plaza 111 (split-3,188 sf)  
814 Sutter St. (2,607 sf) Other  
If Other    
Square Footage Desired Building  
Leidesdorff Building  
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